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Worthwhile Reads – November 21st

Two weeks ago, The Center for Popular Democracy was able to meet with Fed Chair Janet Yellen and three other Fed governors to state their case on how the Fed can help Fix the Jobs. Part of their demands are

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Worthwhile Reads – November 13th

Boston Federal Reserve President Rosengren joins other Fed presidents in speaking out about fighting low inflation: “Japan’s experience and now Europe’s current situation both indicate that indifference to very low inflation rates can generate a significant loss of confidence in

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Worthwhile Reads – November 3rd

With the official end of QE3, Matt O’Brien at Wonkblog makes an assessment of the QE programs and explains Why the Fed is giving up too soon on the economy: “Between higher income taxes on the rich, higher payroll taxes

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Worthwhile Reads – October 24th

This week’s post will be focused on links relating to the Federal Reserve as it has a very important FOMC meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week. The meeting will most likely mark the end of QE3 yet there

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Worthwhile Reads – October 3rd

Annie Lowrey, from New York Magazine, correctly states that the monthly jobs report, though good, is not as important as it used to be. She follows Chair Yellen’s lead and notes other indicators that are not so promising: “A broader

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Worthwhile Reads – September 26th

As the Federal Reserves moves to ending their QE program in October, Torsten Slok, chief international economist for Deutsche Bank AG, warns the Fed not to be too eager to raise rates. He warns that returning Fed policy back to a

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for July 31st

Yesterday the preliminary second quarter GDP numbers were released with a strong growth of 4%. Though promising the strong growth was a bounce back from the dismal first quarter numbers where GDP shrank. In addition to yesterday’s GDP report the FOMC met

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for July 11th

This week, in an interview with CNBC, Joseph Stiglitz commented on why the strong stock market is not an indication of an accelerating recovery: “The reason the stock market is high, in part, is that interest rates are low, wages are low

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for June 27th

On a government policy, James Pethokoukis covers US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s speech to the Economic Club of New York and the realization that low growth may be a new normal unless something is done to get back to the old growth

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for June 2nd

The Shape of the Job Market Antonio Fatas shows (as seen above) that “The US labor market is not working” by comparing OECD countries and the change of 25-54 year olds labor participation rate. “The US has gone through a major

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