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Worthwhile Reads – January 14, 2015

Paul Krugman’s “Recent History in One Chart” tells the economic history of the last twenty years: Extraordinarily good for global elites and the developing world’s middle class, and basically no income growth for America’s working class. This is a tale of too many

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for July 31st

Yesterday the preliminary second quarter GDP numbers were released with a strong growth of 4%. Though promising the strong growth was a bounce back from the dismal first quarter numbers where GDP shrank. In addition to yesterday’s GDP report the FOMC met

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Congress Acts?

Bipartisan action to address the jobs crisis has been woefully lacking since the onset of the Great Recession. But recently the Senate took just such an action: “Job training plays a curious role in American politics. On the one hand, nothing

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The Plight of Workforce Veterans: How America’s Experienced Workers Are Losing Out on Jobs and Retirement

Labor strategists often talk about the high number of unemployed college graduates trying to enter the job market. Granted this attention is warranted as the student loan crisis, coupled with high competition and low demand, has created a turbulent economic

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The Current State of Unemployment

Unemployment statistics are a metric used by economists, policy makers, and representatives to determine the condition of the job market. In 2008, the U.S economy saw a near catastrophic drop in employment and job creation due to the Great Recession,

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Megan McArdle Says Fix the Jobs

This is part of the series highlighting supporters of pro-jobs policies. An updated list of supporters can be found here. Megan McArdle has been focusing on how to lower the long-term unemployment rate. Long-term unemployment brings a lot of social ills that

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The Plight of the Long-Term Unemployed

A recent study done by Alan Krueger, Judd Cramer, and David Cho of Princeton University on long-term unemployment has painted a bleak picture for anyone that falls into the category stating: “Although the long-term unemployed have about a one in ten chance

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