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Worthwhile Reads – November 13th

Boston Federal Reserve President Rosengren joins other Fed presidents in speaking out about fighting low inflation: “Japan’s experience and now Europe’s current situation both indicate that indifference to very low inflation rates can generate a significant loss of confidence in

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Why Eric Cantor Lost: Lack of Focus on America’s Needs

Last week House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in the Republican primary for his House seat; ending his time in the House of Representatives. A variety of theories have been advanced to explain why Cantor lost his seat to

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Yellen’s Testimony Reax

Janet Yellen, with her testimony on Tuesday, has given Congress and the public her initial framework on how she will run the Federal Reserve. Here is a roundup of takeaways by some observers: Tim Duy sees Yellen’s testimony as a continuation

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Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Unemployment

Today Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen stated in her opening statement to the House Committee on Financial Services that, “The unemployment rate has fallen nearly a percentage point since the middle of last year and 1-1/2 percentage points since the

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