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A Deceiving Unemployment Rate

The preliminary jobs report for April was released today and it looked to be very promising. The country was said to add 288,000 jobs in April with the unemployment rate making a tying post-recession drop of .4%, from 6.7% to 6.3%. This

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What Deficit Hawks Got Wrong

After the first year of the Great Recession, focus on the current problem of a crumbling economy–where jobs are scarce and not as well paying–took a back seat to the focus on reducing the deficit and national debt. The largest

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Why Millennials Should Care

The Great Recession has affected millennials during their early adult lives graduating from high school and college and trying to enter the workforce in worst employment landscape since the great depression. Before the Great Recession millennials were on their way

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The Plight of the Long-Term Unemployed

A recent study done by Alan Krueger, Judd Cramer, and David Cho of Princeton University on long-term unemployment has painted a bleak picture for anyone that falls into the category stating: “Although the long-term unemployed have about a one in ten chance

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A Liberal Approach

This blog will be highlighting several different approaches to Fix the Jobs. These approaches have been proposed by thought leaders from all backgrounds and perspectives. Such ideas should be used as a resource for putting together solutions at all levels

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Today’s Speech on Jobs and Infrastructure

Today, President’s Obama made a speech in St. Paul to launch a new round of TIGER (Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery) as well as his four year infrastructure proposal. The speech (which can be viewed above) did not go into much

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A Conservative Approach

This blog will be highlighting several different approaches to Fix the Jobs. These approaches are ideas that have been proposed by different thought leaders from different ideological background. Such ideas should be used to stimulate thought about how this country

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Americans List Unemployment as the Top Problem Facing the Country

A new Gallup poll from Monday shows that the number one problem for Americans is jobs. With the overall economy coming in second. Put together they make 43% of the responses. Overwhelmingly leading all the other responses. It is unacceptable that our leaders

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