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2014 Midterms— No Incumbent is Safe

The 2014 election seemed to be a rebuttal to President Obama and Democratic Party’s policies with them losing the Senate and more House seats. However, when you dig into the exit polls, the message is both more clear and less

The Unexpectedly Low Jobs Report for August

The jobs report for August is a disappointment with only 142,000 jobs added, well below the forecasted 225,000. Many in the media have called this report a blip, that will improve with future revision. The consensus being that employment will

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June’s Jobs Report

Today the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the June jobs report. On first glance it looks promising with the addition of 288,000 new jobs and the unemployment rate dropping to 6.1%. Upon further inspection the good looking report shows some that

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Congress Acts?

Bipartisan action to address the jobs crisis has been woefully lacking since the onset of the Great Recession. But recently the Senate took just such an action: “Job training plays a curious role in American politics. On the one hand, nothing

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Why Eric Cantor Lost: Lack of Focus on America’s Needs

Last week House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in the Republican primary for his House seat; ending his time in the House of Representatives. A variety of theories have been advanced to explain why Cantor lost his seat to

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The Plight of Workforce Veterans: How America’s Experienced Workers Are Losing Out on Jobs and Retirement

Labor strategists often talk about the high number of unemployed college graduates trying to enter the job market. Granted this attention is warranted as the student loan crisis, coupled with high competition and low demand, has created a turbulent economic

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The Current State of Unemployment

Unemployment statistics are a metric used by economists, policy makers, and representatives to determine the condition of the job market. In 2008, the U.S economy saw a near catastrophic drop in employment and job creation due to the Great Recession,

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How Does a Strong Job Market Benefit Businesses?

“Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely” – Thomas Huxley. How then does the bleak job outlook for the millions of Americans unemployed affect the growth and prosperity of businesses? By now we’ve all seen the

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Higher Education Funding and Student Debt

This post continues our recent focus on millennials and student debt. Unsigned posts represent the official position of Fix the Jobs. In addition to unsigned pieces, we will also have signed pieces that relate the positions of various members of

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Student Loans, Wages, and Inflation

As the college school year comes to an end many people will be graduating and looking for a job. These new graduates will be faced with a difficult job market where they encounter the distinct possibility of being underemployed. Of

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