How You Can Help Fix the Jobs

As our purpose statement explains, the purpose of Fix the Jobs is “to educate and organize those who know that a crippling lack of good jobs is a defining challenge facing America and to rally support for job creating policies.” While researching the jobs crisis we realized that although the American people’s top concern was a lack of good jobs, there was far too little pressure to push for the creation of these jobs. Fix the Jobs was founded to change that.

There are many reasons to support fix the jobs, such as:

There are solutions to our jobs crisis, but they require action from our leaders. That starts with action from you. The first thing to do is to simply sign the petition on the right letting your elected leaders know that you want them to address the jobs crisis. But democracy does not stop there. When was your last chance to meet with your representative in Congress and let them know what you are concerned about? We can help give you that opportunity.

We also need leaders and helpers in all aspects of this critical work. So volunteer and recruit your friends and family to help Fix the Jobs.

Stay informed (via Twitter, Facebook, and RSS) and share the word online.

Finally, while we run a very efficient operation, we do need money to operate. So please donate: this is necessary for our operations.

Have an idea of another action that can be taken? Or want to become even more involved than the above steps allow you? Let us know.

Thank you for your support. Together we will make a difference.



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