Month: June 2014

Congress Acts?

Bipartisan action to address the jobs crisis has been woefully lacking since the onset of the Great Recession. But recently the Senate took just such an action: “Job training plays a curious role in American politics. On the one hand, nothing

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for June 27th

On a government policy, James Pethokoukis covers US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s speech to the Economic Club of New York and the realization that low growth may be a new normal unless something is done to get back to the old growth

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Why Eric Cantor Lost: Lack of Focus on America’s Needs

Last week House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was defeated in the Republican primary for his House seat; ending his time in the House of Representatives. A variety of theories have been advanced to explain why Cantor lost his seat to

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The Plight of Workforce Veterans: How America’s Experienced Workers Are Losing Out on Jobs and Retirement

Labor strategists often talk about the high number of unemployed college graduates trying to enter the job market. Granted this attention is warranted as the student loan crisis, coupled with high competition and low demand, has created a turbulent economic

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The Current State of Unemployment

Unemployment statistics are a metric used by economists, policy makers, and representatives to determine the condition of the job market. In 2008, the U.S economy saw a near catastrophic drop in employment and job creation due to the Great Recession,

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Worthwhile Reads – Link Round-up for June 2nd

The Shape of the Job Market Antonio Fatas shows (as seen above) that “The US labor market is not working” by comparing OECD countries and the change of 25-54 year olds labor participation rate. “The US has gone through a major

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