Josh Barro Says Fix the Jobs

This is part of the series highlighting supporters of pro-jobs policies. An updated list of supporters can be found here.

Josh Barro is currently a national correspondent for the New York Times, former politics editor at Business InsiderBloomberg View contributor, real estate banker for Wells Fargo, and Senior Fellow at the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research. He has written many articles discussing America’s unemployment problems and different solution to resolve the crisis.

Most recently, Josh Barro has written an article about why Americans believe we are still in a recession. His main argument in the article was that, “The labor market is still slack, meaning millions who would like to work can’t, and those who do work have limited ability to demand higher wages.” He believes that neither party has policy proposals that would address the slack in the economy and that our leaders are failing to understand that improving the economy is not just based on GDP growth. His conclusion is:

“The one period of really robust wage growth in the last 40 years was the late 1990s, when the labor market was tight and workers could effectively demand higher wages in exchange for their labor. Fiscal and monetary policies that aim to recreate that situation might finally get Americans to stop saying we’re in a recession. Yet that’s not the focus of the conversation in Washington.”

In another article critiquing the Center for American Progress’s economic plan Josh Barro stakes his position that the government needs to do more; stating:

“We should recognize that the problems with the American economy are largely at the macro level and fixable through macro-level solutions…Since the recession of 2009, recovery has been poor. This has been largely because the federal government has not provided sufficiently stimulative fiscal and monetary policy. The solution is to stop making that mistake.”

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